Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Playing Catch up–Aug. 2011

Oh the places we can go, the pix that I can show, to say nothing of the places we have been, but now the memories grow thin.  We drive our home on wheels, catch up on all the deals at campgrounds and front yards, with friends and folks and bards…that we have met along the way, folks we meet along the way, new friends and former known faces, play games and shuffle aces.  Seems we stay too busy to remember who’s at home and who we’ll see in September.  Or maybe it is all the same creation with new ideas and new faces.  Who knows, but we enjoy them all, whether short or whether tall.  My new shirt that says “I’m tall, you’re not, nah nah nah na nah nah” attracts comments here and there. 

So I will put some pictures up from the last few months, and maybe you will remember when you were there.  Or maybe you have never been there, in which case I hope you will see something of interest and enjoyment, maybe learn something new, and not be too critical of my attempt at “poetry”.  I recently read Dr Suess’ “Oh the places you will go” to our couples club at the July 4 picnic-talent show as a way of explaining – or rationalizing – our life style of going here and there.  Seems a strange choice for one who loves friends and attachments as I do, but we find such new experiences, new people and ideas; we experience serendipities often, and meet people we know but don’t know that we know sometimes.   For example, on the first campground on this trip, in Riverside WY a lady stopped by to chat as she had seen our “Escapees” decal (one of the travel clubs we belong to).  She also is a member, and we always make a point to greet another.  She mentioned she had been at the headquarters of the club in Livingston Tx for Christmas last – which is just where we spent Christmas last as well.  Well, she says, she is here in Riverside to visit someone else who was there in Livingston Tx  for Christmas too.  So we met them, and lo and behold they were raised in Reynolds Ne – 5 miles from Steele City Ne – the home of my parents and the homested of both sides of my family.  Not many can say they are from Reynolds nor Steele City cause there just have never been many people there – EVER.  But there you have it. 


DSC01009A few days at home and a beautiful face which glows.  Susan has been a dear friend to us as has Dennis, but this glowing face will cheer me for years to come.  Pure Love

DSC01027          DSC01038    DSC01040     DSC01059    DSC01091     DSC01067

On the way home from the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma, we made an extended stop in St. George Ut.  The view all around us was red hillsides too beautiful to describe.  While in St George we spotted what looked like a museum of windmills which interested us, but turned out to be a private home and a collection of antiquities from, probably, the Mormon migration west.  This Gentleman in the picture has displayed it all in his own museum which was truly impressive, and he agreed to show it to us on a private tour.  He was a very interesting person, and had histories and stories to tell about each object we paused over.  I ampitheater scene is near by St George, and to tell you the truth I don’t remember exactly what it was, but I believe near the local high school, and a place for festivals.  The desert was beautiful and lush in March when we were there.  If you ever get a chance to drive the valley between St George and Lake Havasu, don’t miss it.  Breathtaking beauty.


DSC01103   DSC01106      DSC01111

DSC01128   DSC01126   DSC01168

May 3 found us in Aieline Ks at the start of our “rolling rally” with the Chapter 2 of Escapees.  Ike’s home, and a museum there which housed an old carousel was a highlight.  Susan and I rode the rocking horses with glee.  The museum held some pretty amazing artifacts of the old west and the history of the town.  It is still a pretty small town,  old west atmosphere, and an old hotel which once fed and housed the cattle drovers on their way up the Chisom trail to the rail road in Abilene.    I guess the townfolk got tired of that scene at some point, and the RR pick up point moved to Dodge, or KC or someplace.  But the cow town atmosphere which raised Ike and other politicoes – Bob Dole???—remains.


DSC01083OOps, back to St George, and an introduction to our neighbors there in the campground, Bill and Bobbie Englestad.  We just left them in Montana, near Polson, where they have purchased two spaces in a lovely Campground, and hosted us for 10 days on the shores of Flathead lake.  Now I hate to admit to any place in the world more beautiful than Colorado.  But I am here to tell ya, Montana Rockies, Glacier National Park, and the Mission Range there by Flathead lake surely gives us a run for our beauty.  We enjoyed the visit, the pegs and jokers games, and their wonderful hospitality and touring services.  We will look forward to seeing them again at their new home in Mesa Az, and hopefully again at the campground in Mt.  A beautiful friendly spot.


Enough of this for today.  The picture thing continues to be a challenge, so as I learn more I will publish more.  We are exploring new territory for us, and will be home in time to enjoy all of you and the best season in Colorado – not sure which is the best because they all are.  We miss home, but love the new coach, and are having wonderful adventures.

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